Edlog - The First Goal
Edlog - The First Goal
by funymony on
2014 July 09 at 09:07:45

I hate working by myself!

I initially created Mediamuffin.com to host content created by me and my local friends, but everybody wanted to branch off and create their own personal brands instead. This left me to grow the website by myself.

I made videos and managed the social networks while I went to school and worked boring jobs. It was extremely difficult, but it paid off! People recognized Mediamuffin and I had a small following of fans on Deviant Art, but it never went beyond that because I couldn't stick to a schedule when there were bills to be paid. Even today I'm working for outside companies to stay afloat, leaving my website to gather dust and promote work outside of Mediamuffin.

My local friends approached me last month to talk about the future of the site. We discussed that working separately is difficult and it's better to make movies as a team. Since my website is the only brand to have had any traction, we decided to use it as the vessel for our work!

So now Mediamuffin can finally be used for its intended purpose. My friends have had experience creating their own videos and they've expanded their skill sets over the years. We're ready to collaborate and produce quality stuff! I'm going to be directing the ship, and our first goal is to create content on a weekly basis for a WHOLE YEAR!

We'll have a starting date for you very soon.


-Edgar Nielsen

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