Dead Man's Toll
Dead Man's Toll
by funymony on
2014 October 31 at 04:10:04

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a SPOoOOooooOOoky weekend!

My friend Luke invested in expensive film equipment and was itching to use it. He brought everybody together for a weekend retreat at his cabin in August to practice some film making basics! (And we didn't have to lose our tastebuds! Haha, I beat you to the naughty jokes.) We wrote and shot this video in a day! 

We hope to make more of these, bare with us as we refine our skills and hopefully down the road we'll make it to the big leagues! (Film Festivals? Feature length films!? WHO KNOWS!)

It was really run to direct again...

Jacob Chillin

Luke Operates the Camera

Everybody was upset with me though because I was supposed to bring the Ouija Board for the "HOW DID HE DIE" scene. I put it down as I went to the bathroom just before I left my house and forgot it! DOH! Mario suggested we improvise and use one of the board games at the Cabin.

Alan Operates the Boom

Alan and the gang messing around with the Boom.

Actors have a nap.

The "actors", cuddling before recording.

Suze makes delicious gore.

Suzanne working her make up magic. We didn't have any materials for make up so she used coacoa powder, red dye, corn starch, and toilet paper to turn our friend Pablo into a corpse.

Deedo shows off his Pikanips

Our buddy, Deedo brought some light equipment and his Pikanips 3DS.

It was a really fun weekend and I hope we can do it again during the spring.

Enjoy your Halloweeeeen! More comics next week!

-Edgar (Funymony)

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