Train Brail
Train Brail
by funymony on
2011 April 01 at 12:04:02

This was recorded around the same time as Down at the Bayou and voiced by Mario Macias. We had Mario speak into the microphone as we did a sound check. We saved the recording and I animated it. 

Mario occasionally helps me with writing for comics and animations. We'll be working on animations as soon as I finish bringing the site up to date with all my current works.

He recently helped me write The Rarefinders, a series that I'll work on intensively first thing when I get out of college! I already have the animatic done for the first episode which is about 9 minutes long. I just have to animate it! I also have the second episode fully recorded. It's roughly 22 minutes long. I wanted to get the first episode done in the summer of 2010 but I was swamped with other projects. I feel terrible that It's taken me this long to get work on it but I really want it to look wonderful when I'm through with it.


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