Bottled Tension
Bottled Tension
by funymony on
2014 November 07 at 02:11:14

A little comic Jimmy and I whipped up on our flight to Philadelphia back in April 2014.

We played the "Collab comic" game on the plane. I would draw a panel and hand it to Jimmy so he could draw the next one. Etc.

Check out Jimmy's channel on Youtube and animations on Newgrounds

I really enjoyed our trip to Philadelphia. I'll have to tell you guys all about our experience meeting amazing artists at the office. Great stuff but I'll save it for later. Right now I have to catch up on work and quickly wrap up a cartoon before Smash Brothers Wii U comes out!

Also, Binding of Isaac Rebirth has been soaking up a lot of my time. It's so damn addicting!

See you in the basement! (That sounded creepy...)

-Edgar (Funymony)

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