Fast Facts - Evolve
Fast Facts - Evolve
by funymony on
2015 February 12 at 10:02:09

I've been keeping an eye on Evolve after its initial announcement. I was so close to buying it on release, but after all the DLC controversy and the overall heavy pricetag, I just can't bring myself to purchase the game. I can't afford it!

I've spent over 1,000 hours on L4D2 and I understand why Turtle Rock and 2K decided to go the DLC route. They want to be able to keep an extremely replayable game fresh and keep it running for several years! I think L4D2 was VERY cheap compared to the amount of time I spent on it. That 50 dollars went a loooooooooong way!

Anyway, until the price of Evolve's core game goes down, I can't grab it. I don't mind the DLC model but they really screwed up by releasing too many editions. Now everybody (myself included) is extremely confused.

I'll wait until the price goes down, bugs get fixed, and they re-evaluate their DLC model. After the smoke clears, you bet I'll be playing Evolve. I can't wait to pour a thousand hours into this game in the near future!


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