I don’t have much to say about this animation other than I helped board over half of it!

I’m really happy to work with my pals Oryozema and TerminalMontage.
We were all contract animators for Maker/Polaris back in the day- a part of the “LORE” Youtube team. We all worked independently from one another but now here we are- working together! Now if only the Youtube Algorithm would let us cook and give us more than 1 month to make a video– or else they’ll stop recommending our cartoons. I’d really like the extra time to give certain parts of our animations some love and really let our talents shine. OH WELL. THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

If you have questions you can check out the Terminal Montage Patreon.
You can join the Terminal Montage Discord and ask via the dedicated Questions channel.

I’m gonna get back to work now. BYYYYYYE!