Mediamuffin is a home to multi-media projects and collaborative works by Edgar Nielsen (Funymony) and his friends.

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Edgar Nielsen loves animation so much that he wants to rip off his skin and unleash the cartoons inside him!  He is self-taught in digital animation and has been making cartoons for over 15 years. Professional portfolio!

He is currently animating for various Youtube talent and working on personal illustration projects.

If you want to hang out with Ed just lock your door, shut your blinds, and check out Ed’s Twitch Stream every Friday at 7pm CST!


What do you use to animate?

Adobe Animate or Flash.

What do you use to illustrate?

Clip Studio Paint.

How did you make this website?

WordPress, Comicpress

Where can I watch your videos?

I try to post content wherever I can, but these social media sites are the ones I use the most!

What advice do you have for new artists?

 Join my Art Discord to practice drawing with other artists!



EMAIL: edgir@mediamuffin.com
TWITTER: @funymony