In 2013 I was approached by LORE to help them with a new web series called “Fast Facts”! Short animated videos featuring facts about videogames!

I was playing Splatoon in 2015 but a family emergency made me miss out on all the events and by the time I got back to playing the game the updates were already over. I feel really left out and I haven’t bothered to pick up Splatoon 2 (because I don’t have a Switch) and because I’m sure by the time I pick it up I will have missed out on all the events. Also, killing the Miiverse was a bad move on Nintendo’s part. I really enjoyed the artwork and shitposts by fans, it made Nintendo feel ALIVE. At least Splatoon 2 has their own comment system built into the game.

I’ve made MANY Facts and Lores with the help of multiple friends. Here’s a playlist with every single one! (Over 70 so far!) I’ll be posting my favorite Fast Facts and Lore’s videos here on Mediamuffin!