In 2013 I was approached by LORE to help them with a new series called “Fast Facts”

Lollergator¬†used to help me with Storyboarding, which I consider the hardest part of making a cartoon. She would draw on note-cards and I would scan them into my computer to sort them out in Adobe Flash. I’d trace, color, and animate the assets. This would bloat the production time but it would of taken me just as long to draw anything in her style! At this point we were making Fast Facts animations on a weekly basis! That’s 7 days to research a cartoon (sometimes even play a game to its full completion), come up with jokes, and then actually animate them! It was a LOT of hard work!

Since then I’ve made MANY Facts and Lores with the help of multiple friends. Here’s a playlist with every single one! (Over 70 so far!) I’ll be posting my favorite Fast Facts and Lore’s videos here on Mediamuffin!