I’m particularly proud of a lot of effects I did on this one, specifically during the Pikachu/Blaziken fight.
The mud exploding, the rocks heating up during Blazikens punches, the heated boulder breaking apart, ground impacts as Pikachu hits the ground, etc.

Choosing color palettes for the backgrounds was kinda tricky too.
I always try to make sure backgrounds aren’t too redundant or distracting. I also try to keep the palette interesting as things escalate in the video.
The singed tips of a recently extinguished forest, The ominous purple aura of a chasm filled with ghosts, and a mud-covered landscape.
I also try to make sure I’m not ruining the composition or continuity of what’s happening in the video.

Backgrounds aren’t my specialty and because the Something About/Battle Royale animations are supposed to be simple it allows me to learn as I go and make mistakes.
It’s been fun to experiment and try out new methods of making backgrounds/effects.

One thing I really need to do is take some time off to go back and relearn some fundamentals regarding perspective, compositions, and colors.
I know there’s a lot I’m not applying because of how fast I need to work in order to please the almighty content-hungry algorithm.
It makes it really hard for me not to get tunnel vision and let things slip. I always cringe when I go back to watch episodes I’ve worked on and see things that I could have done better…
but if I was a perfectionist- things would never get done. It’s best to just keep on movin! 8)

Anywho, see you later!