This is a page dedicated to my digital sketchbooks that are currently available to Patreon Supporters. These sketchbooks were made to document my progress as an artist.

When I went to the University of Utah my main focus was directing and writing for film. I didn’t get much experience in drawing or digital animation so I had to learn these skills outside of class. For all my life I’ve been drawing stick figures and balloon people for my cartoons and it wasn’t until 2014 that I decided to get serious about my craft. I began to actively learn how to draw by reading books, sketching regularly, playing with color as much as I could, and streaming on Twitch regularly with other artists.

I hope you enjoy watching my art progress in these sketchbooks. I’ll keep updating this page as I continue my adventure and have your support!

Check out my Twitch and art group on Discord to join me on my adventure!

Thank you, everybody!

-Edgar Nielsen


Sketchbook 1


Sketchbook 2



Sketchbook 3


Sketchbook 4



Sketchbook 5


Sketchbook 6


Sketchbook 7


Sketchbook 8