Q: Do I have to pay beforehand? Can I make partial payments?

Only commissions above $100 can be considered for partial payments. An upfront payment is the only way we can guarantee the supplies we need to sustain ourselves to get your piece done.

Q: Why does art cost so much?

Digital Art is a specialized skill: It’s hard to find someone who can draw something you want, in a style you like, and in a specific format you need.  You’re paying us for our time, labor, skill, and expenses to get the job done.

Q: Can I commission you to make something random for me?

Please have a concrete idea of what you want in your piece. If your idea is vague and you request multiple changes that exceed 30 minutes of labor, we will request additional payment to continue your commission or be forced to cancel it without a refund.

Q: Will you still charge me if I don’t like the picture?

We make sure our clients are satisfied with every step of their commission. Please be honest and direct with your feedback as we progress and provide as many references as you can for your project to avoid receiving a commission you don’t like.  We give refunds on a case-by-case basis but may deny full refunds as we need to be paid for our time and supplies.

Q: When can I expect my commission to be finished?

We will fulfill your requests and meet deadlines we agree on. If there are any delays during the process we will notify you immediately to make further arrangements to get your project done.

Q: Can you make art for my game or design merchandise (T-shirts, pamphlets, etc…)

We are available for contract work, please contact us with all the details.

Q: Can you draw me a picture, design my logo, or animate a series for me for FREE? I’ll tell my friends about your work, it’ll be free exposure, and it might make you famous!

No. Any projects outside our personal interests are considered work and we will seek financial compensation.