Q: Can you draw a picture for me for free!? I’ll tell all my friends about your work!
Q: Will you volunteer for my big project or event? It’ll be a huge success and give you exposure!
Q: Are you available to create free graphics for my big business? It might make you famous!
Q: Why are you drawing for money!? Art should be free! DO IT FOR THE ART!


Any projects outside my personal interests are considered work and I will seek compensation; especially commercial projects where art is needed to generate profit. I’m a commercial artist and I only offer my services in exchange for cash so that I can get services I need. Unless you provide my utilities, shelter, and health care, bartering is out of the question.


Q: Why do I have to pay in full beforehand? Can I make partial payments?

Only commissions above $100 can be considered for partial payments. An upfront payment is the only way I can guarantee the supplies I need to sustain myself while working on a custom piece of art that I can’t resell and have no use for.


Q: Why are your commissions so expensive?!

I keep my prices extremely fair compared to the industry standard. While my prices can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, I can’t go beyond my bottom line.

I need to be paid for my time, labor, skill, self-employment taxes, and expenses. A single commission requires hours of independent research, multiple revisions, and materials that I have to provide out of my own pocket (electricity, hardware, software, tutorials, and references).  Digital Art is a specialized skill. You can get any average person to mow your lawn or flip a burger, but it’s a lot harder to find someone who can draw something you want, in a style you like, and in a specific format you need.


Q: Will you still charge me if I don’t like the picture?

I do my best to meet expectations and make sure a client is satisfied with every step of their commission. I can give refunds on a case-by-case basis but in general I have to deny full refunds as I need to be paid for my time regardless of whether or not you like the picture.  So please be honest and direct with your feedback! The more references the better! 


Q: What if I don’t have a good idea of what I want?

Please have a concrete idea of what you want in your project. If your idea is vague and you keep requesting changes that exceed 30 minutes of labor, I will request additional payment to continue making changes to your commission or be forced to cancel it without a refund.  


Q: When can I expect my commission to be finished?

I will do everything to fulfill your request in a timely manner and meet deadlines. If there are any delays during the process I will notify you to make further rearrangements. Please be reasonable with deadlines and open to extensions. The more time I have on your commission, the more detail and polish I can put into it.


Q: Your terms of service is scary!

Don’t let the legalese scare you. It’s there to deter people who plan to use my art for personal financial gain without compensating me and to protect me from being abused for free labor. Regardless, please email me if you have any questions or want to negotiate our own terms of service! 


Q: Can you make art for my game or design merchandise (T-shirts, pamphlets, etc…)

I am available for contract work, please email me at with all the details.