This is an outline breaking down the commission process.
These steps may vary depending on the type of commission you request.

  1. Sketch Phase
  • We will sketch multiple versions of the commission using your submitted references! We will then send the sketches to you for approval. If you don’t like any of the sketches or the direction of the sketches, you can cancel your commission for a refund or request more iterations!  However, if you approve a sketch to be finalized, you won’t be eligible for a full refund.
  1. Inking Phase
  • The approved sketch will be inked and a thumbnail will be submitted to you for approval!
  1. Color & Rendering Phase
  • The approved outlines will be colored and sent to you for suggestions.
  • The piece will then be rendered.
  1. Background Phase
  • A simple background using the your preferred colors will be added to the piece. A new rate can be negotiated for any detailed backgrounds.

     5. Completion Phase

  • Once the piece is complete, you get 30 minutes of free changes and modifications. After 30 minutes we must negotiate a new rate for any additional changes.
  • If payment for your commission is finalized and not in dispute, we will send a full resolution version of the commission to you! Our signatures, watermarks, and dates will not be removed unless negotiated.
  • You may crop the work but no alterations of the work are allowed. You can request various sizes, formats, and cropped versions of the piece and we will send them to you in a nice .Zip file!

If you have any further questions, please contact us or check out the FAQ!